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The Client Domain.

A leading Healthcare company is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by helping self-insured employer groups, TPAs, and insurance companies save money through innovative solutions. With a strong focus on leveraging data analytics and AI-driven technology,Client is committed to optimizing cost management and improving healthcare outcomes for their clients.

The Challenge.

Client has the challenge of managing and analyzing vast amounts of sensitive healthcare data to drive cost containment strategies effectively. With the need for secure and compliant data storage, processing, and analytics, they sought a trusted partner to help them navigate these complexities and unlock the full potential of their data assets.

Client has initially had on-premise infrastructure, which posed challenges in terms of security, compliance, scalability, and agility. As they aimed to externalize their data and technology as a platform, particularly with a focus on mobile applications and consumer interaction, they anticipated rapid growth and the need for a secure, scalable, and compliant environment in a cloud environment. Security became even more crucial as they expanded their B2C operations, impacting end patients’ data privacy.

The Solution.

iPivot emerged as the ideal partner for Client in effectively managing risks and assisting Client with their migration efforts. iPivot’s expertise in secure and compliant cloud infrastructure, combined with deep understanding of healthcare data privacy and security regulations, made them the perfect match to assist Client in their digital transformation journey.

Client made the strategic decision to migrate to a cloud-based platform as a service, with AWS as their chosen cloud provider due to their advanced maturity in the market. They acquired multiple companies that were predominantly on-premises, and iPivot supported them in migrating these entities to the AWS cloud environment. Client’s data processes, being cloud-native, were moved into AWS Glue and Lambda, while their applications were rearchitected to follow container-based models, enabling faster scalability and efficient spinning off of services. They adopted an API-driven approach, allowing external customers to interact seamlessly.

With iPivot’s assistance, Client recently built a new application with a backend built on .NET and C# containerized in Docker and ECS. They embraced AWS services like Lambda, Glue, and Sagemaker for their machine learning work.

Key Products/Services Used.

The Impact.

iPivot proved invaluable for Client in helping them migrate to the cloud securely and compliantly. Their comprehensive healthcare cloud management expertise allowed Client to focus on core business objectives while staying current with HIPAA regulations and industry best practices. Without iPivot, Client would have required at least 1-2 full-time resources dedicated to managing these critical aspects.

Robust Data Security and Compliance:

iPivot’s comprehensive security measures and adherence to strict compliance standards, such as HIPAA and HITRUST, provide our client with peace of mind in safeguarding sensitive healthcare data. By leveraging iPivot’s secure and compliant cloud platform, our client can confidently store, process, and analyze their data without compromising patient privacy or regulatory requirements.

Scalable and Agile Infrastructure:

iPivot’s scalable infrastructure ensures that Client can handle the growing volume of data generated by their cost containment operations. Whether it’s the ingestion and analysis of medical and pharmaceutical claims or managing workflows within the ExpionIQ platform, iPivot’s agile infrastructure enables Client to scale their operations seamlessly.

Advanced Data Analytics:

Client’s collaboration with iPivot has yielded impressive results, extending their staff by 1-2 full-time hires and becoming an integral piece of their IT team. By leveraging iPivot’s secure and scalable infrastructure, combined with advanced analytics, Client has been able to optimize their negotiations with providers, resulting in significant cost savings for payers.


Client’s collaboration with iPivot and AWS has transformed their operations, enabling them to optimize costs, enhance security and compliance, and scale more securely in a new environment. iPivot’s robust healthcare cloud management capabilities have empowered Client to streamline their workflows, embrace containerization and API-driven approaches, and confidently deliver innovative solutions to their customers. With iPivot as their trusted partner, Client continues to drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and solidify their position as a leader in cost optimization within the healthcare industry.

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