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Proven Footprint To Cloud-First Business Agility
On Digital Infrastructure Transformation


Cloud Infrastructure For Accelerated Business Ops

Today’s enterprise function is as robust as its underlying cloud infrastructure, and we are capable to deliver the same for business continuity. A bedrock to software-defined cloud framework, we also have a proven footprint in advanced network, migration, and disaster recovery managed offerings. Converging it all, we define a robust infrastructure foundation for fast-tracking business ops.

Digital-first Legacy Modernization

We architect a digital-first infrastructure framework for legacy systems modernization, delivering the necessary setup and services on the cloud.

Integrations Aligned To Business Goals

Right-fit infrastructure solution integration on a roadmap that’s aligned with business goals to ensure cost-effective modernization.

Public Cloud Expertise

Partner to leading public cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure), we can seamlessly lift and shift data loads besides helping with associated cloud-native infrastructure services.


Building The Foundation For A Future-Proof IT Infrastructure

Why iPivot?

Cutting-Edge Tech Meets Custom Implementation Capability

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, we offer seamless application migration, modernization, and innovation across AWS, Azure, and GCP, empowering organizations to implement secure and well-managed cloud infrastructure. Competency in tailoring solutions, we address specific business and technical requirements, ensuring the establishment of scalable and enduring IT landscapes capable of addressing present and future needs.

The Benefits

Reduced Operational Costs As You Operate Without Limitations

Versatility Brings
Cost Benefit

  • Experience cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies in installation and management.
  • Flexible engagements - reducing initial capital expenses linked to on-site infrastructure.
  • Improved scalability and performance to accommodate expanding operations.

Adaptable Infrastructure For Constant Evolution

  • Adaptable IT infrastructure - ready resources that are responsive to business requirements.
  • Seamless integration of hardware and software components.
  • Unified management platform for multiple cloud environments.
  • Freedom to innovate in various environments (on-premises, multi-cloud, edge)

Reliable Setup Offering Business Benefits

  • Enhanced uptime and network availability for seamless business operations.
  • Integration of the latest AWS, Azure & GCP services into any infrastructure, ensuring constant updates.
  • Scalability and reliability on a large scale.
  • Better security posture and compliance adherence.

Embrace A Cloud Infrastructure That's Built For The Future