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Fueling Growth Through Partnerships:
Our Shared Journey Forward


A partnership isn’t something we take lightly. Building a better world demands diversity of thought. Leading tech companies shaping our society, prestigious academic institutions honing the cutting edge of research, and nimble startups who know how to get to market fast — these are our partners. They can be yours too.

Achieving digital maturity takes work, but the journey produces many insights along the way, especially if you have the right partner collaborating with you. We are committed to mutually beneficial, transformational strategic partnerships. Won’t you join us?

Strategic Alliance Partner


Provides a broad set of infrastructure services, such as computing power, storage options, networking, and databases

Microsoft Azure

Solving today’s challenges and create the future. Build, run and manage applications across multiple/Hybrid clouds

Google Cloud

Powering digital solutions through virtual resources, apps, and AI across computing, storage, and more.

SaaS Practice Partners

Dynamic 365

Helping businesses facilitate and expedite communication and improve customer relationships


Helping businesses keep track of customer interactions and sales data, leads, contacts, opportunities

Service Now

Enabling enterprise service domains to define services, provide an intuitive service experience

Featured Partners


Breaks data ecosystem barrier by offering a unified platform ensuring diverse tasks converge seamlessly, free from data islation.


Sets global standards by champoining the realm of digital creativity and online advertising.


Transforms business by connecting data and application in the real time across modern architectures.


Pioneering software testing solutions, acclerating digital transformation with comphrensive and agile testing tools.


Revolutionizing financial transactions, TresuryPay facilitates seamless electronic payments with cutting edge solutions.


Reshapes the experience management landscape, giving businesses insights to drive innovation and improve customer and product experience.


Crafts precision scales and advanced weighing systems for diverse industries.

Empowering digital testing provides comprehensive mobile app testing enviornment to accelerate app quality and delivery.


Leaders in business process automation, PEGA crafts intutive software that streamlines customer engagement and operational excellence.


Specializing in value strem management, it optimizes software delivery process, ensuring businesses meet their effiency and quality goals.


Revolutionizing pricing, it leverages AI to offer dynamic pricing solutions, helping businesses stay competitive and maximize profitability.

Out Systems

Driving rapid application development, empowers businesses to design, develop and deploy application faster than traditional methods.


Bridging data gaps, it connects apps, data and devices with an API-led approach, simplyfing integrations.


intel pushes the boundaries of innovation with its cutting edge microprocessors and technology solutions.


Transforming application development, it offeres low code platform that empowers businesses to build apps with speed and agility.


Addressing enterprise challenges, Micro Focus offeres diverse software solutions that bridge the old with new, maximizing existing IT investment.

Unlocking Opportunities Through Partnership