About Us
iPivot LLC founded

iPivot, founded in 2010, is a global IT solutions company that brings full-scale technology expertise and implementation capabilities to inspire, empower and drive our clients to focus on what they do best. Over the past six years, iPivot has helped numerous large and mid-sized businesses transition their IT to a Service Oriented Architecture, with IT Transformation Initiatives, Developing Web and Mobile applications.

iPivot employs the largest set of certified professionals with extensive industry knowledge in order to assist your organization in implementing the latest technologies. We have several different models of delivery to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes.


At iPivot, we believe in execution at the speed of thought along with the power of leadership which helps us drive forward.

Our services, solutions, and products now solve business challenges and help customers Crush Cost, Grow Sales and Transform.  We credit our capabilities, strength, and endurance to the character of our people. Our executive leadership team at iPivot averages 20 years of Industry experience.


Nobody knows the IT landscape and Industry verticals as we do at iPivot and this helps us to understand your problems much better.


iPivot focuses on delivering quality work with maintaining a cordial relationship with its clients. Our excellent record of innovative Staffing and Consulting solutions with our global talent make us reliable partners for all your software needs.


We are a generation 4 IT services company that leverages deep expertise over technology, labor and scale arbitrage.

We modernize data, systems, and processes by building the right foundation for digital faster. We solve business challenges faster through deep technical expertise and help customers crush cost and grow sales.

iPivot always believes in thought leadership and disruptive innovations, and that is the direction that we want to take the company forward. Our teams are given a chance to play with the latest cutting edge technologies and experiment extensively with them as part of our COE. The iPivot Center of Excellence for various practices is constantly challenged to deliver innovative accelerators / Templates / Best Practices & Standards / Processes for some of the standard reusable patterns.

Our Attitude

  • Setup by Technology evangelists committed to positioning IT in the right way to solve Business problems.
  • Keeping ahead of the curve by adopting to the ever changing Technology landscape.

Our Vision

To provide an exceptional value to the customers by offering IT services

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver systems, software, and technology through highly qualified employees, supported technically by a meticulously maintained knowledge base contributed through collaborative business experience leveraging flexible engagement models.