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Company Overview.

A major innovative insurance company that stands out by offering integrated insurance products and services to renowned and rapidly expanding brands throughout the United States. Our unique approach enabled our insurance customer and its partners to seamlessly incorporate car, home, and travel insurance into their digital platforms, granting customers swift and hassle-free access to insurance solutions that are both easy to acquire and manage, all while ensuring exceptional value.

The Problem.

As our client’s operations experienced exponential growth and success, it became clear that relying on traditional cloud solutions would no longer be adequate to meet the evolving needs of the business. In light of the ambitious growth targets established by key partners and internal stakeholders, our technology team recognized the urgent need to augment our AWS capability with a cutting-edge and streamlined approach, in order to stay ahead of the curve and effectively address future demands.

The client made the strategic decision to enlist the expertise of iPivot’s Managed Services team to facilitate the re-architecture of their infrastructure and application tier. Additionally, iPivot’s team offered comprehensive guidance and support in leveraging key AWS products and services to fuel the client’s product and service innovations, thereby enabling substantial business growth. This collaboration ensured that the client had access to the necessary knowledge and assistance to effectively enhance their technological landscape and drive forward their strategic initiatives.

The Solution.

Our engagement as a Managed Services provider commenced in April 2022, during which we were honored to be selected as an AWS Premier Partner and a certified AWS Managed Services Provider. Working hand in hand with the Client’s engineers, our DevOps as a Service team seamlessly integrated with Open’s DevOps team, operating collaboratively to deliver proactive and continuous optimizations and enhancements to their AWS foundations and automation.

To initiate the process, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Client’s Insurance environment. Based on our findings, we developed a meticulously detailed network design that was subsequently approved by the Client. Leveraging the power of automation and Infrastructure as Code (AWS Cloud Development Kit), we efficiently implemented this design, ensuring a seamless transition.

The solution we tailored was specifically designed to meet the Client’s present and future needs, encompassing a multi-region environment that adheres to relevant compliance standards. By customizing our approach to align with the Client’s unique requirements, we enabled them to operate within a secure and scalable environment, setting the stage for their ongoing success.

Other key attributes of the solution implemented were:

  • Implemented rinse and repeat automation pipelines to reduce repetitive tasks and increase efficiency.
  • Ensured consistent environments throughout the SDLC (dev → stage → prod) to minimize production deployment issues.
  • Hosted the existing front-end application in Amazon S3 for scalability and reliable access.
  • Decoupled the data tier from the application tier, enhancing scalability, flexibility, and maintenance.
  • Implemented enhanced security checks for code, infrastructure, and containers to proactively address vulnerabilities.
  • Introduced horizontal scaling through auto-scaling to uplift Open’s infrastructure availability.

Employed a consultative approach to design, utilizing short form design proposals that were presented to the Client team for review and approval before implementation.

Key Products/Services Used.

Outcomes, Results & Benefits.

The overall result and benefits to the Client’s insurance business were:

Decoupled data from the application tier, enabling improved scalability and enhanced throughput.

Implemented repeatable processes and automation to reduce risks and enhance the developer experience.

Enhanced cost monitoring to provide a detailed breakdown of costs per workload, minimizing Total Cost of Ownership and improving cost visibility across the AWS fleet.

The Client now enjoys a modern, scalable, and highly available environment replicated across the software development lifecycle. This enables client to stay at the forefront of cloud innovation and best practices. The project empowers Development and Application teams with a safe space for rapid experimentation. Through automation and guardrails, client ensures repeatability and consistency, driving efficient and innovative development.

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