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AWS Cloud Migration Empowers Healthcare Technology Services Provider

How a leading technology services provider to the healthcare industry accelerated medical claims processing by migrating to AWS cloud. 

The Client Domain.

The client is a leading provider of performance and technology services to the healthcare industry.  It provides an array of solutions aimed at empowering healthcare providers to streamline their medical claim submissions and ensure faster reimbursements from insurance companies.

The Challenge.

As a leading provider of performance and technology services to healthcare institutions, our client’s document data processing application was hosted on a third-party server. Moreover, their heavy reliance on manual extraction and processing of medical claims records in diverse formats had become labor-intensive, adversely affecting operational efficiency.

Recognizing the critical importance of expediting medical insurance claim processing for healthcare providers, the client approached iPivot for a solution that streamlines data extraction and processing. This proactive step was aimed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure healthcare providers can swiftly process medical claims. 


The Solution.

In the healthcare industry, accurate extraction of relevant information from documents is of paramount importance for subsequent analysis and processing. Acknowledging this need for seamless data access, extraction, and processing, iPivot recommended a strategic approach: migrating the client’s existing application to its dedicated AWS cloud environment.

To address document data extraction and processing challenges effectively, iPivot leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities within AWS Cloud to build an intelligent solution to automatically extract data from various formats, including printed text, handwritten notes, images, PDFs, and other formats.

iPivot deployed a solution that seamlessly integrates with Amazon Textract, an AWS machine learning service tailored for the analysis of handwritten documents, enhancing the extraction process. Additionally, it harnesses the capabilities of Amazon Rekognition, a cloud-based service for extracting text from diverse document types, including images. Furthermore, the solution incorporates Amazon Comprehend, an AWS natural language processing (NLP) service, to simplify text analysis and comprehension.

Highlights of the iPivot’s solution include: 

  • Effortless Document Data Processing:
    Seamlessly scan, read, and process all document data, including patient information, claim numbers, and claim amounts, and securely store it on AWS Cloud.
  • Lambda-Powered Data Extraction:
    Utilize Lambda functions to upload documents, extract specific data elements, and promptly share the processed information with the requester.
  • Predictive Analytics:
    Leverage machine learning to analyze historical data, discern past trends, and predict future outcomes for enhanced decision-making.
  • Real-time Data Exchange:
    Enable real-time data transfer to third-party vendors and providers, fostering timely and efficient communication.
  • Uninterrupted Accessibility:
    Ensure 24×7 availability of the solution, allowing users to upload, process, and extract data at their convenience.
  • Modernized Data Infrastructure:
    Successfully transition from an on-premises solution to the cloud, modernizing data infrastructure and enhancing scalability.
  • Robust Data Security:
    All data is securely stored, ensuring compliance and facilitating future planning and analysis.

Key Products/Services Used.

Outcomes, Results, and Benefits

The iPivot solution has not only streamlined the prompt exchange of critical patient information but has also significantly accelerated the medical claim processing workflow for healthcare service providers. The migration to the AWS cloud has ushered in a host of benefits, including:

Enhanced Data Value Extraction

The solution empowers providers with the capability to extract valuable insights from claims data in near real-time, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Remarkable Efficiency Gains

Leveraging Amazon Textract, Rekognition and Comprehension, the overall efficiency has surged by an impressive 60%, expediting processing times.

Unified Data Normalization

Disparate data from various sources and formats are now seamlessly normalized into a common, easily manageable format, fostering consistency and accuracy.

Automated Reporting

The reporting process has been completely automated, reducing the duration from a lengthy 10 days to a mere twice-daily occurrence, ensuring up-to-date information is readily available.

Precise Accuracy Scoring

Incoming claims data is automatically assigned accuracy scores, enabling providers to prioritize and act upon the most reliable and trustworthy information swiftly.


The strategic migration of the solution to AWS Cloud, augmented by enhanced features and functionality, has brought in unprecedented automation in document processing for the client. Today, the client seamlessly processes thousands of documents daily, spanning various formats, with extraordinary ease and efficiency. The solution’s post-deployment success stands as a testimony to its capability, propelling swift medical claim processing for numerous healthcare service providers. It exemplifies iPivot’s commitment to innovative solutions and operational excellence in the healthcare industry.

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