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DevSecOps – Development, Security, Operations

Infuse Security at Every Step of Your DevOps Pipeline


DevSecOps service from iPivot automates security and compliance in your development lifecycle without compromising on speed. With DevSecOps you can mitigate risks throughout the development, track your team’s progress, and guide them for the best possible business outcomes. From initial design to software delivery, DevSecOps enables you to bake in security with quality assurance without any bottlenecks. DevSecOps from iPivot is one step beyond DevOps—with a close-up lens on security.

Why iPivot

Team of Experts

iPivot has experienced professionals who are singularly dedicated to DevSecOps services. This unique blend of talent and experience can address new-age challenges that require a fresh strategic development approach.

Operational Performance

Our DevSecOps process doesn’t work in separate silos. We constantly collaborate as a team on security, development, and IT operations to satisfy the most demanding operational performance requirements.

Continuous Integration / Consistent Delivery

We follow a software development methodology where every software change is built, tested, and deployed automatically—a process that streamlines each software release.

Best DecSecOps Practices

iPivot team recommends secure coding practices throughout the development process to make application and infrastructure security robust and uncompromisable.

Short Development Lifecycle

With our well-defined process, security measures are tied to the progress of your application through the pipeline and optimized for each phase of the development cycle.

Shift Left Testing

Frequent testing of code in early stages increases the overall quality and consistency of applications. This ensures security, saves time and money, and avoids the need for code patching.

How You Benefit