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Data-Led Migration

The benefits of a highly available, scalable, and secure
cloud environment can be yours


Adopting cloud leads to business growth but to tap its utmost potential you need a strong data strategy. iPivot follows a proven framework for data-led migration that drives efficiency and innovation in your business. We believe you need to have the right data at the right time to solve your business problems. Data led migration involves three essential steps. In the first step, we create a data lake in the cloud into which we move the data, the second step involves setting up an analytics engine to gain insights from your data, and in the third step, we help you leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning. Data has amazing capabilities if your migration follows a strategic approach. With valuable data insights handy, you can make informed decisions and ensure best practices while turning your data into valuable assets.

Why iPivot

High Security

We apply network isolation and encryption on data-at-rest and data-in-transit to give you a robust security posture.

Serverless Data Processing

You don’t need to provision, scale, and manage any servers. Run applications without worrying about servers in the backend.

Build Modern Applications

Modernize your applications with the help of serverless operation, agile development process, and modern application architectures.

Maintain Legacy Data

As we migrate your data to the cloud, we keep your legacy data secure and intact. We also help you comply with industry standards.

Application Re-platforming

Migrate your application from a legacy platform to a modern platform and leverage a cloud deployment model equipped with advanced AWS technologies.

Data Visualization

Receive visual insights from the data through an interactive dashboard and make informed decisions with powerful data insights.

How You Benefit