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Build Your Best-in-Class Multi-Tenant SaaS Solution with iPivot


A best-in-class SaaS solution is measured by your customers’ experience and enjoyment of your service, not just your software features. This is a shift in mindset, skills and experience for traditional software companies who are more used to selling licenses and shipping downloads. A SaaS customer values agility, innovation, efficiency, scalability, and security as much as they value the features of your software.

Combine your in-house software capabilities with our expertise in AWS and SaaS to collaboratively design, launch, and manage your application. This ensures your solution is grounded in SaaS best practices and leverages the power of AWS services.

Building features and shipping software is only one part of a great SaaS solution. Making sure the SaaS service is always on, scalable, secure, and with metrics to support the user experience is just as important.

A SaaS service requires non-functional capabilities such as multi-tenant architecture, and these capabilities require specific technical skills and experience that not all software engineers possess. This is why ISVs partner with iPivot to complement their software expertise with our SaaS expertise.

  • SaaS Multi-tenant Architecture: Tenant isolation on a shared SaaS service demands a unique way to architect, build, configure and run your software.
  • SaaS Software Lifecycle and CI/CD: The responsibility is on you, the SaaS provider, to deploy updates to live software. The best way is to automate this process to deliver small non-breaking updates.
  • SaaS Operations for Availability, Scale and Performance: A SaaS runs 24×7 and needs robust operations to keep the lights on and customers happy. Nobody wants to be on the front page of Twitter or Reddit for bad reasons.
  • Advanced SaaS Security including SOC-2: As the SaaS owner you are now responsible for customer data, which means you are likely to be subject (in the US) to regulations like SOC-2.

Labra Distributed Cloud Commerce Management Platform

Building a SOC 2 compliant SaaS architecture with iPivot that allows AWS ACE integration in a week, instead of months.

Labra is an enterprise SaaS solution that provides a simple and secure connection between the ‌partner CRM system and AWS’s CRM (ACE) so that each of them can be in sync without human intervention. Labra enables AWS and its partners to proactively help each other to acquire customers with short sales cycles.

Labra is an integrated SaaS platform. Multiple SaaS products, such as Oppsync, seamlessly connect partner CRMs with AWS’s CRM (ACE) to bring the best Cloud Commerce Management experience.

iPivot has designed, architected, and managed Labra’s complete infrastructure, which allows full compliance with SOC 2.

The process included updating our infrastructure to required security standards and applying KMS encryption to the environment. This results in database security and stability of the SaaS platform.

With the iPivot solution, Labra has built the fastest ACE integration product that can be rolled out in a week. iPivot developed and maintains the CICD pipeline to streamline the development of the Labra platform.

A secure architecture with internal services behind a VPC and public services with tight restrictions were designed by iPivot to comply with the most secure standards.

Ibexlabs helped me through each stage of our SaaS lifecycle, from the beginning to go-live. We architected the solution using AWS best practices like Well-Architected Framework, and got my software built properly for SaaS using DevOps and CI/CD so that process was fast and reliable. My SaaS service was built using best SaaS practices and features. Ibexlabs 24x7 support is crucial to keep the lights on and maintain customer experience and avoid customer churn.

Pranav PragareSaaS Product Manager, Labra

Why iPivot

Proven SaaS Expertise

We use the latest AWS solutions that are relevant to SaaS, and mix in our own best practices with those of AWS to develop and deploy innovative and cost-effective solutions that will improve SaaS operations and reduce costs.

Modernize your Application for SaaS

We help you re-build your application to run as SaaS. With quick turnaround you can collaborate with your team on new instances without experiencing any delays.

Business Continuity for SaaS

We are dedicated to keeping your SaaS up and running, which is why our team leverages a comprehensive range of disaster recovery services to protect your sensitive data and infrastructure.

Customized SaaS Solutions

Our solutions are built to meet the specific needs of every customer. We work collaboratively with your in-house team to ensure seamless integration.

Cloud Infrastructure Management for SaaS

Once your SaaS is up and running, we provide a roadmap to help you maximize performance and operational efficiency so that you get the most from your SaaS infrastructure.

AWS Service Expertise for SaaS

iPivot mixes their skills and expertise with AWS best practice frameworks such as Foundational Technical Review and Well-Architected Framework – SaaS Lens.

Examples of SaaS-related AWS services that iPivot can bring to your SaaS include:

  • AWS IAM – Identity and Access Management: Restrict access to resources isolating the tenant data.
  • AWS Autoscaling Groups and Elastic Load Balancing: Ensure your SaaS resources can expand and contract to match demand.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Constantly monitor and optimize our architecture for cost and performance.
  • AWS Config: Monitor SaaS resources and applications. 
  • AWS X-Ray and AWS QuickSight: Establish alerts and application monitoring
  • AWS WAF and AWS Shield: Monitor and filter traffic to mitigate DDoS attacks.
  • AWS KMS: Application and customer data are encrypted at every layer.
  • AWS CodeCommit and AWS Code Pipeline: CI/CD for source code management, features and bug fixes.

How You Benefit