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AWS Control Tower

Create Enterprise Landing Zones—a better way to govern your multi-account AWS environment


Running numerous applications and working with different teams can make cloud setup and governance complex and time consuming. AWS recommends isolating different environments and applications to different AWS accounts. iPivot uses AWS Control Tower to create an Enterprise Landing Zone; it’s a better way for organizations to manage their multi-account AWS environment. Centrally manage governance, security, and compliance of a multi-account AWS environment while conforming to AWS best practices.

Why iPivot

Built on Control Tower Partner

iPivot has more than a hundred AWS certified experts with a deep understanding of AWS services to provide personalized configurations for unique business needs. As both a Built on Control Tower and AWS Well-Architected Partner, we provide expert guidance on cloud adoption for fast, smooth implementation.

Security Guardrails

Set security guardrails and apply high-level rules to ensure governance for your AWS environment. You can choose from either preventative or detective guardrails provided by AWS.

Intelligent Automation

Automate policy management through service control policies (SCPs) and protect personal customer data from being compromised at any stage.

End-to-End Implementation

iPivot will help set up and manage resources with services such as AWS Organizations, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Single Sign-on to build a landing zone without delay.

Compliance Monitoring

iPivot implements compliance on every single AWS account through the use of AWS Organizations. You can also compartmentalize AWS accounts under different organizational units.

Federated Access Management

AWS Control Tower allows you to manage centralized access to all the accounts; you can check compliance, governance, and other regulations from a single dashboard.

How You Benefit