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GRAFTING – Our Unique Approach

Grafting Innovation On The Strong Roots Of Client’s Existing Technology Foundation

How Grafting As An Analogy Powers Digital Transformation?

Grafting in simple terms is a horticultural technique where a part of one plant is attached to another, creating a single plant. At iPivot, expert consultants and technologists transcends this into a technology driven collaborative approach. Through engagements we gain insight into clients business goals and technology ecosystem while the client gains access to iPivot’s digital solutions, such as cloud computing, data analytics, AI-driven tools, or industry-specific software. These solutions are grafted – seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing technology ecosystem for digital transformation to accelerate.

Outlining The Pillars Of Our Approach

Grafted Tree (Transformed Client)

The grafted tree represents the digitally transformed outcomes as client undergoes technology transformation, leveraging the expertise and solutions provided by iPivot.

Grafting (Digital Technology Transformation)

Grafting embodies the transformative process where we seamlessly integrate our digital expertise and solutions into the existing technology infrastructure, without any legacy technology debt.

Scion (iPivot Partnership)

With technology partnership, the iPivot team brings its expertise, innovative solutions, and digital capabilities to enhance the client’s existing technology landscape.

Rootstock (Client’s Existing Technology Infrastructure)

Represents the client’s current technology infrastructure, systems, and processes. It signifies the client’s established foundation upon which their operations are built.

Differentiated Benefits Of Grafting Led iPivot Partnerships

The client can visually illustrate their digital technology transformation journey and scale the same.

Our digital expertise and solutions complement the client’s existing technology infrastructure and latest technology integration.

Impetus to enterprise digital transformation goals and positioning them for success in the digital era.

Explore How Grafting Can Expedite Your Digital Growth Story