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Amazon API Gateway

Seamlessly connect, secure, and manage APIs at any scale


iPivot’s Amazon API Gateway offering has helped companies accelerate API adoption. iPivot’ deep knowledge of AWS migration and modernization is combined with Amazon API Gateway expertise, which includes assessing current workloads to enable API deployment, recommending a deployment roadmap and providing supporting architecture designs with robust DevOps pipelines. iPivot has deep experience in Amazon API Gateway implementations with rich industry-specific and contextual knowledge of the customer’s business operations. The iPivot Open Banking API Framework is designed for the banking and financial services industry. iPivot has also partnered with global enterprises to successfully deploy modernized serverless landscapes using Amazon API Gateway, ECS Fargate, DynamoDB and RDS as core services.

Why iPivot

Longterm partnership with AWS in delivering products and solutions

Together, AWS and iPivot will help change what’s possible for enterprise customers and set them up for long-term success

Best practices for efficient API development

Make sure people can actually use your API and that it works the first time, every time. Keep it simple.

Provide architecture blueprint for industry-specific API use-cases

Selecting Technology, Plan Your Data Model, Design Your Data Access Layer, Create Your Endpoints, Test & Deploy.

Engagement of using Amazon API Gateway in our Solutions

Enforce all APIS Authentication and authorization, Log tracing and aggregation, Rate limiting, and Load balancing.

Experts in implementing security controls to authorize access to APIs

A gateway is your first line of defense against potential attackers that can perform antivirus scanning, token translation, decryption and encryption, and validation.

API versions for hybrid business environments

To efficiently handle requests, a gateway balances load between nodes of a service to ensure the application’s availability during versioning or other changes in the service.

How You Benefit