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Adopt FHIR with iPivot
and AWS Healthlake


Healthcare providers are adopting the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard to allow healthcare information to be exchanged between different computer systems regardless of how it is stored in those systems

The FHIR adoption challenge is the integration of current systems and migration of healthcare information where necessary.

iPivot has built custom solutions powered by AWS HealthLake to bring interoperability to healthcare providers so they can adopt FHIR.

“Building our FHIR Data Lake with Ibexlabs is like picking up a ‘New English’ for ease of healthcare communication – a complete rewrite of the grammar for the 21st Century. Ibexlabs’ know-how in this ‘New English’ allows us to set up the foundations to go from Zero to One. We are building on top of this foundation with confidence, using this New English – the grammatically correct way.”
Pascal Odek, CTO, WellBeam

How it works

The iPivot FHIR translation layer  builds on a  mapping of existing data to the new standard, migrating data to AWS Healthlake, and implementing a long term solution so new healthcare information defaults to FHIR.

What customers get as part of the FHIR solution:

  • Discovery of current assets and mapping to the FHIR schema
  • Coding the translation layer to convert proprietary data formats into FHIR resources
  • Configuration of AWS HealthLake
  • Testing the translation
  • Migration of data

Why iPivot

Expert FHIR Integration:

iPivot specializes in seamless integration of AWS HealthLake with FHIR standards, ensuring efficient data interoperability for healthcare providers.

Data Security and Compliance

We prioritize patient data security and regulatory compliance, safeguarding sensitive healthcare information throughout the implementation process.

Efficient Data Transformation

iPivot streamlines the transformation of structured and unstructured healthcare data into the FHIR format, enabling comprehensive data analysis and insights.

Scalable Solutions

Our services are designed for scalability, allowing healthcare providers to handle growing datasets and adapt to evolving industry standards with ease.

What is AWS

AWS HealthLake is a fully-managed, HIPAA-eligible service that allows healthcare organizations to securely store, transform, and analyze large volumes of health data in the cloud. It normalizes unstructured health data from various sources, such as electronic health records (EHRs), medical images, and genomics data, making it easier to extract valuable insights, visualize the data, and improve patient care.

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How You Benefit