success story

Soothing a Consumer Health giant’s Digital Growing Pains

With a large and still-growing number of people using the Internet to research health issues, digital marketing is an especially vital part of any consumer health company’s engagement strategy. Yet when you’re a giant in this market with hundreds of over-the-counter consumer health products sold globally, streamlining your digital strategy is no easy task.

When this consumer health giant came to iPivot seeking help, their digital marketing work was decentralized and fragmented: Many different agencies around the world supplied strategy, produced content, and distributed assets that suited local markets.

But employing multiple agencies to do much of the same technical development and production was costly duplication of work, and the conflict between a global vs. local approach meant consumer engagement was inconsistent online. Also, as technology became more complex, these agencies lacked expertise in building, supporting, and maintaining innovative and secure digital solutions.

This case study tells how iPivot stepped in and implemented a digital decoupling model, consolidating all technical production work into one Center of Excellence to increase engagement while reducing costs and speeding time to market.