QA | Automation Testing

QA | Automation Testing


In the current digital era, technology is not only changing the world at a brisk pace but also the expectations of the customers. Customers at the moment are demanding everything to be instant, everywhere, seamless, and best in class, which requires a different level of thought process with both the Software Development and the Software Testing. Even small defects are magnified in the digital space than ever and such requires a higher amount of quality assurance in the same time-frame if not less.

With Continuous Delivery, especially in organizations that consistently need to deliver value to customers with high agility and short lead times, the pressure on QA is enormous and the focus has shifted towards Continuous Testing. However, with the legacy systems and their complex interplay with the new digital technologies that exist in most organizations, speeding up testing is easier said than done.

Quality Engineering

With focus and domain expertise on Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and Education, iPivot’s independent testing services provides Digital Assurance solutions that can help customers improve quality and performance of their software applications along with faster time to market and reduced cost of testing. Our end-to-end outcome-based testing process is aligned with the client’s strategic and operational goals to provide maximum value by conducting comprehensive testing across the digital value chain and the entire digital ecosystem.

We offer a full spectrum of Quality Engineering services as listed below, that span across methodologies like Agile, Iterative, and Waterfall including best practices like Test-Driven Development (TDD), and Behavior Driven Development (BDD). A combination of our experience, our strategy, methodical approach, and our proprietary test automation frameworks together have been helping customers save up to 30% of the testing cost with up to 25% reduced time-to-market. Our technology breadth covers from mainframes to microservices all the way to Lambda services.


Here is how your organization can benefit from Marlabs’ independent testing capabilities

  • Dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) to identify and build competency in emerging frameworks specific to testing.
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions that reduce cost and efforts in test engagements by using our knowledge repository, which includes a large number of reusable assets such as automation framework scripts, test suites, test strategies, domain-specific test scenarios, and methods.
  • Testing solutions that deliver a healthy return on investment (ROI), for short-term as well as long-term projects/goals.
  • Experience in Risk and Contingency Management, cross-functional process/team interactions, diagnosis of failure, and Design Fault Resolution procedures.
  • Adoption of the Shift Left testing process to ensure early defect detection.
  • Improved software quality, reliability, and predictability enabled by our test processes, knowledge management, and domain focus.