Mobility Solutions

Mobile technology has taken on new manifestations with the advent of the smart phones. Mobile application development itself has become a huge market in the recent years. Nurturing a technology company in this competitive market and growing in it presents a formidable challenge. The biggest question is how to utilize technology resources to reap their maximum benefits. What is required is a mobility map capable of putting companies on the proper trajectory to mobility solutions.

iPivot provides complete consulting when it comes to mobility solutions. A long-standing player in enterprise and application mobility solutions, iPivot provides business and technology consulting to companies looking to realize the maximum benefit of mobile technology. iPivot synthesizes business and technology to achieve success. As a consulting partner, it provides a 360-degree view of the complete business landscape. The implementation of mobility solutions requires companies to build capability and devise a strategy to synthesize many different components including devices, networks, applications and their services as well as the middleware to interface processes.

A long-standing player in enterprise and application mobility solutions


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Application Maintenance

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Architecture Services

Center of Excellence | Open Platforms

Center of Excellence | Open Platforms

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