JobPrep getting ready with Beta version

September 17, 2018    By Admin

Our Products that help organizations to effectively utilize its resources.

JobPrep platform

Software products have become ubiquitous across industries. With technologies such as cloud and mobile platform converging and the increasing complexity of software development, organizations need:

  • To adapt quickly to be more competitive in the market, minimizing development time while supporting multiple software platforms, variants, and versions without compromising quality
  • To adapt to advances in cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), mobility, and social media into their offerings to be on the cutting edge, create right value and experience for customers

At iPivot, we develop the products that can help organizations to effectively utilize its resources to their full potential, cost-effective. Our people provide end-to-end development services from inception to delivery and work to release high-quality products and minimize delivery delays. Our skilled professionals build products that maximize value to the end user and minimize product support costs.

job prep blue v2

We are working on a Learning Management Platform development to address day to day learning needs of software professionals in an effective, interactive learning platform with help of high-quality digital content and working with mentors on enterprise-scale use cases.

JobPrep high-level overview