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End User Computing

Improve agility and security without deploying
any additional IT infrastructure


Access enterprise applications and data-anytime, anywhere-with End User Computing (EUC) from iPivot. Manage and control data as your business demands it and empower your organization to respond quickly to industry changes and market challenges. Using the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), employees can access enterprise data and applications remotely via any supported device, either on-premise or on the public cloud. End user computing from iPivot is an enterprise-level solution to support people, processes, and governance that comes with the benefit of speed and cost-efficiency. We are also available on the AWS marketplace.

Why iPivot

Centralized Dashboard

Monitor and manage users and resources with a centralized dashboard and make informed decisions in real-time.

Virtual Desktop

Install the software on the endpoint devices of your employees and create a virtual workstation with already configured operating systems and other essential applications.

Monitoring and Management

Manage and monitor your applications with higher availability and better observability with centralized application deployment.

Remote Access

Remotely access your data from anywhere without compromising the security of the computing environment.

Pay As You Go

No unnecessary overhead; you pay only for the virtual desktop resources you use. No need to spend money on server or IT support.

Managed Security

Robust security measures allow users to work on either the public or on-premise cloud. No data is saved on the users’ devices.

How You Benefit