Accelerated Time-To-Market with iPivot’s Dynamic Test Engineering Platform

Today’s testing environment is marked by shrinking cycle times, growing budget pressures and increasing demand for application agility. Seamless integration between development, build and release management, testing and operations are vital. Software testing is moving towards technology-driven “shift left” methodology, with firms engaging in testing as early as the requirements stage to improve the quality of their applications. The focus has shifted to transformation, decreasing spending through right-size testing, quicker go-to-market, standardized testing tools, and increasing overall effectiveness.

Testing is changing from script-based to productivity-based automation, with pricing mapped to the number of test cases automated. Continuous test delivery execution is being priced per test case and test run. “SaaSification” of applications is driving up spending on testing, to include integrated test support offerings.

To address the changing landscape, iPivot has developed the Dynamic Test Engineering Platform – a continuous test delivery platform, which bundles SaaS and services adoption – TestOps. It is the driving engine of MindTestTM, iPivot’s Test Factory, supported by standardized processes and methodology.

Going forward, Agile testing will become mainstream and proprietary IPs will drive platform-based testing across the testing services portfolio. iPivot’s Dynamic Test Engineering Platform is a forerunner in this direction. We ensure successful testing transformations and large scale Business as Usual (BAU) services testing with our delivery platform which provides quicker access to test environment and enables effective communication between Dev, Test and Ops teams. The plug and play architecture enables organizations to have a tool-agnostic and delivery model-agnostic platform which caters to end-to-end testing needs. It also provides better test coverage as distributed teams can collaborate on the same platform, while the health of applications is broadcasted through dashboards.