Artificial intelligence consulting services

September 19, 2019    By Admin

As artificial intelligence is marching its way into every domain of business and life, iPivot helps companies to bring the power of the AI technology to take over mundane tasks or solve complex data-intensive problems.

AI practice at iPivot embraces:

  • iPivot has experience in implementing AI solutions for various industries from retail and finance to manufacturing and energy sectors.
  • We actively collaborate with different healthcare agencies, provide training in the AI technology for medical personnel, and develop deep learning models for medical data analysis.
  • iPivot is an organizer of numerous training, conferences, and competitions for business and technical teams. We actively participate in AI conferences of different scale.
  • We carry out research and development activities, using, exploring, and advancing state-of-the-art methods in the field.
  • iPivot is an early adopter of TensorFlow and the author behind a number of independent benchmarks in the machine learning.
  • iPivot developed the TensorFlow-as-a-Service solution that enables data scientists to easily install a ready-to-go cloud environment for using TensorFlow, run scripts, and visualize task execution results.